Coaching E-mobility innovation Part 3

Start R+D+I business, under the EU funded coaching service - Number of enterprises supported: 10 from Zachodniopomorskie Region. - The number of companies that can establish cooperation within the framework of the coaching service: 300 (Poland, abroad). - Form of service: personal (appointments in the office of the cluster/at the entrepreneur/ online).

Recording & slides from ELMAR Online Seminar: Norway revisited: Next gen electric ferries & pax ships

The last event in our series of ELMAR online seminars focuses on car ferries & pax vessels and presents the state of affairs in Norway, the world´s leading country for electric water mobility. By 2021, more than 80 electric car & pax ferries are operating in Norwegian waters - and the further roll-out of emission-free waterborne transportation is proceeding with an impressive pace. The seminar starts with an update on government policies & actions to foster the “green shift” of the domestic ferry market. Afterwards, it acquaints you with innovative ship designs and operating experiences with electric vessels of different kinds, incl. next gen battery-electric domestic car ferries, the world´s largest plug-in hybrid RoPax ship, a battery-driven high-speed pax vessel and a sea-going hydrogen-electric car & pax ferry.

Recording & slides from ELMAR Online Seminar: Electrifying a boating region: The Amsterdam case

The second ELMAR online event on electric water mobility has its focus on leisure boating and recreational shipping. This time, we have a closer look to Amsterdam / NL, where the ban of internal combustion engines from 2025 leads to the “electrification” of an entire boating region. Besides first-hand information on the political framework for the transition to emission-free maritime traffic by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam, Mr. Egbert de Vries, the seminar presents solutions for providing on-shore and charging infrastructure for electric vessels, as well as urban use cases and innovative rental for e-boats and e-ships in Amsterdam.

ELMAR Online Seminar "Norway revisited: Next gen electric ferries & pax ships”

The event will take place on Wed, 16 June 2021, 9-12 h (CEST) in an online formula

Recording & slides from ELMAR Online Seminar: Electric passenger ships in urban public transport

The event will give you insights into strategies, visions and practical experiences related to electric water mobility in Stockholm / SE, which will be examined from different perspectives as a case study. Furthermore, we will provide a peek into the – not too far away – future and introduce innovative solutions for waterborne public transport that will soon become available as commercial products, incl. high-speed pax vessels and autonomous marine transport systems.

Second ELMAR Online Seminar

ELMAR project invites you to the ELMAR Online Seminar on the topic 'Electrifying' a boating area: the Amsterdam case, which will take place on Wed, 9 June 2021, 9-12 h (CEST).

Training sessions in electromobility on water (June 2021)

We cordially invite you to a series of trainings in Polish and English related to electromobility of water transport.

ELMAR Online Seminar

ELMAR project invites you to the ELMAR Online Seminar on the topic “Electric passenger ships in urban public transport”, which will take place on Wed, 2 June 2021, 9-12 h (CEST).

INTERMARE 2021 ELMAR room recordings

During Intermare 2021 the ELMAR project consortium took part as an exhibitor on the 21st and 22nd of April 2021.

Intermare 2021 ELMAR won prize for the most active stand

ELMAR webinar room programme combined company presentations, demo boat presentations (Yacht Technology Association & Green Boats) and trainings by Electrotechnical Institute.