Ryfylkefergen – a battery ferry for full day operation without charging

Our latest newbuild, “Ryfylkefergen” is a LMG 27-DEH design battery-hybrid plug-in double ended car and passenger ferry that is ordered at Westcon Shipyard by operator Norled to be delivered in 2022.

Ex-life boat restoration & electrification project.

A test ride of the retrofitted ex-life boat by - GREEN BOATS

Is hydrogen really the best source of clean, zero-emission propulsion power?

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is commonly seen as being the best source of clean, zero-emission propulsion power. It is true that fuel cells have zero emissions, but a report from the Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and California has found that when the synthesis of hydrogen, transportation and storage is taken into consideration, it is not as clean as originally thought.

Electric ferry market continues growth

Electric and hybrid ferries’ point-to-point operating patterns make them ideal for electrification. The market’s current strong growth is highlighted by the announcement this week of two more projects getting underway.

Self-sufficient ocean cruiser gets efficiency boost

Energy Observer, a vessel that uses fuel cell propulsion while also processing its own hydrogen on board via solar power, recently completed its first transatlantic passage.

New autonomous electric offshore guard vessel

A new electric guard vessel for offshore installations is under design by a consortium led by LISA, a community of maritime professionals, and incorporating input from suppliers such as C-Job Naval Architects and eL-Tec Elektrotechniek.

Voltaire Electric Yachts to launch sub-10m vessel

German/US startup Voltaire Electric Yachts has launched its 33 Sky model, a sub-10m vessel with a displacement of 4.7 tons, as pure electric and hybrid power continues to prove a growth area in the yacht industry.

Sea trials of an electric ferry ‘Festøya’ for Norled

Today, the first of four battery-powered hybrid electric passenger-car ferries for the Norwegian shipowner Norled sailed from the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA into sea trials.

Automotive fuel cells for maritime use

Hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to provide emission-free power for marine vessels without the need for backup generators or shore charging facilities and have been deployed in a number of applications since the turn of the century. Now, Japanese firm Yanmar Power Technology Co, has announced it is developing a fuel cell propulsion system for boats, based on Toyota’s automotive technology.

Crouise ship power demands

Rapid advances in battery technology are changing the marine industry, but can electric propulsion systems be commercially viable for large vessel types and transoceanic routes?