ELMAR Marinaforum on 27th of April 2021

„Status Quo – Trends – Herausforderungen der E-Mobilität im Freizeit- und Sportbootbereich“.

Sterling PlanB receives certification for preventing thermal runaway

Sterling PlanB (SPBES) has announced that it is now fully certified by DNV under 2020 class rules for commercial vessel batteries.

FPS embarks on retrofitting of cargo vessel with hydrogen propulsion

Netherlands-based Future Proof Shipping (FPS) has formalized an agreement with Holland Shipyards Group (HSG) to embark on the retrofitting of the inland vessel Maas with a zero-emission hydrogen propulsion system.

Torqeedo and Poseidon partner on electric ferry propulsion system

Electric marine propulsion specialist Torqeedo and thruster manufacturer Poseidon have jointly developed a fully electric, steerable thruster system designed to provide up to 65kW of emission-free power and directional thrust, targeting applications on Europe’s inland waterways.

ELMAR regional dialogue event (Germany, Vorpommern)

Title: The path to zero-emission shipping. The event will take place on the 25th of March at 13:00 - 16:15