Schottel’s EcoPeller rudderpropeller to be used for ferry retrofit

Schottel’s EcoPeller rudderpropeller to be used for ferry retrofit

German marine propulsion systems manufacturer Schottel’s EcoPeller rudderpropeller will be installed in a vessel retrofit project for the first time.

Torghatten, a double-ended ferry operated by Norwegian ferry operator Torghatten Trafikkselskap, will undergo modernisation work that will see two, four-bladed EcoPellers type SRE 340 L CP, each with an input power of 750 kW, installed on the ferry.

Torghatten Trafikkselskap technical manager Gunnar Heringbotn said several of the company’s ferries were equipped with Schottel rudderpropeller.

“For the electrification of Torghatten, we have opted for the SRE, as it optimally meets our requirements and supports us on our way to an eco-friendly future. Thanks to the tailor-made modernisation concept, downtime can be kept as short as possible.”

As Schottel’s SRE can be integrated into the existing steel structure of the old propulsion system, no hull changes or major steel work will be required in the retrofit project.

The EcoPellers will be driven by electric motors and, when operational, power will be supplied by battery packs installed on board. These will be recharged from the land grid during the stays on the quay.

EcoPellers are an ‘ecologically clean’ propulsion system, primarily developed for open seas and coastal operating conditions, and the vessel’s azimuth thruster will contribute to the ship’s decreased fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and emissions.

Torghatten’s propulsion system will be equipped with Schottel’s proprietary, DNV GL type-approved Leacon sealing system.

The sealing system uses separate seals on the seawater side and on the gearbox side, to ensure that if there is a leak, seawater entering the system or lubricant escaping from the system is collected in an intermediate chamber. This prevents water from entering the gearbox and oil escaping into the seawater.

The 70-m long ferry Torghatten serves the route between Horn and Anddalsvåg. It can carry up to 199 passengers and 60 cars.



Foto: Schottel