Save the date! The ELMAR project organises a study trip to Stockholm

Save the date! The ELMAR project organises a study trip to Stockholm

The ELMAR project organises a study trip to Stockholm for public actors and small and medium companies who are interested in marine e-mobility with special focus on electric pax ships for urban (public) transport.

We estimate to gather a group of about 30 attendees coming from local and regional authorities, business support institutions, ship builders, representatives of pax shipping companies/ ferry operators and similar institutions from coastal regions of Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

The core program of the planned tour will consist of 2 days in Stockholm, in the week 20 (with preference to 13 – 14 May; excluding travel). During our two-day stay we intend to organise the following programme:

  • A meeting with Green City Ferries to find out about retrofit project – Movitz, the world’s first supercharged ferry, and BB Green 24 – a high speed electric ferry with operating energy costs about half of those of diesel high-speed catamarans.
  • A test drive on the supercharged ferry Movitz and a look at the charging process
  • A visit at Echandia Marine to learn more about Echandia’s LTO-battery system and about the projects in waterborne electric mobility, such as Emaran.
  • A visit at Stockholm Public Transport and/or Stockholm Region to discuss the public authority perspective on waterborne electric public transport and its implementation in Stockholm
  • A test drive on the Sjövägen electric pax ferry operated by Stockholm Public Transport


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If you’re interested in joining the trip, or if you would like to be informed about this particular trip, please contact ELMAR project management:


GA-MA Consulting GmbH

Igor Kaniecki


Phone: +48 588810123

Mobile: +49 1579 2339940 

Study Trip with ELMAR Project in September 2019 to AT-DE-CH