REGWA Symposium 2018

REGWA Symposium 2018

The scientific event of technical profile, dedicated to a wide range of aspects related to electric mobility and sustainable energy systems was organized by the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund (HOST) and the Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (iRES), was held between 7th and 9th of November, 2018.

Besides sharing up-to-date knowledge originating from the research activities conducted by various scientific centers and commercial companies, the event aimed at bringing together representatives of research sector and the companies, in order to develop potential for the knowledge transfer to market and cooperation on the innovative solutions.

First day of REGWA Symposium was dedicated to electric and hybrid drives and alternative fuels for sustainable mobility. Presentations delivered in the session included result of research conducted at the universities of technology, companies specialized in development of the solutions addressed to electric mobility sector, including fast chargers, solar technologies for electric land and water mobility. Presentations were also delivered by the operators of the electric boats serving commercial purposes or constituting the public transportation fleet.

Second day was dedicated to the technologies of energy transformation for the purposes of storage and utilization by other sector, e.g. transport. The day was dominated by the presentation delivered by representatives of the companies developing technologies serving energy transformation and storage as well as developing and operating distribution systems for alternative fuels, specifically hydrogen for transportation purposes.

Last day of the Symposium offered presentation from various fields, including energy management solutions, improving efficiency of hydrogen storage, development of new batteries and technologies for transformation of biogas into methane.

The three days event gathered almost one hundred participants representing universities, commercial companies and public entities related to regional governments, supporting regional economic development.