Demo Boat Workshop and International e-Mobility Conference relation from the event

Demo Boat Workshop and International e-Mobility Conference relation from the event

The international water e-mobility conference took place in Yacht Klub Polski in Szczecin on 16 and 17 October 2019. The conference participants were presented with the outcomes of analyses of sales and supply markets for Germany, Poland and Lithuania (and other Baltic States). It was an opportunity to discuss the market potentials, conditions and niches for e-mobility on water in different countries of the Baltic Sea.

The event included several presentation sessions. Two of them related to electric propulsion on water and were about electric drive systems for boats and modular battery systems for ship applications. Charging and power supply infrastructure for cars was also presented and discussed as a possible future e-boat charging solution for yacht ports and marinas. There also was a presentation of digital system for remote inspection of equipment that works over internet. Each presentation was followed by questions to the presenter and a lively discussion among participants, considering different application potentials.

The conference was held back-to-back with presentation of a small charter/rental boat that was adapted to an electric drive in the framework of the ELMAR project. The process of adapting the boat was presented, and the development team explained the considerations and decisions taken during the construction, along with their implications on the finally selected technology. At the end of the second day test-drives of the electrified boat were held.

Presentations and pictures from the conference can be found below.

Demo Boat Workshop and International e-Mobility Conference Presentations