ELMAR Roadmap 2021

The initiative “ELMAR – Supporting South Baltic SMEs to enter the international supply chains and sales markets for boats and ships with electric propulsions” deals with marine electric mobility from a business development perspective. Companies originating from the South Baltic region are already present in the electric boats & ships market and supply chains, some of them reaching also other regions, beyond the South Baltic area.

The project aims to support SMEs at emerging the international supply chains as well as accessing  foreign sales markets for boats & ships with electric propulsions. In order to provide a relevant support to the companies, the project partners conduct the following activities:

  • Provision of the relevant knowledge on marine e-mobility and orientation for business development:
    • Each partner country is supposed to prepare the regional market analyses and feasibility studies of the specific cases of electric ships’ operation and assessing potential to introduce electric boats services for leisure or public transport. Study visits to e-boats manufactures, suppliers of electric drives and components aim to encourage the cross-border cooperation between e-boats and e-ships manufacturers and suppliers of components and services. Visits to local transportation companies operating electric ferries aim to facilitate mutual learning and encourage adaptation of the solutions to local and regional conditions;
  • Support of SMEs at product know-how development – e.g. through seminars, construction of boats with electric propulsion, built within a transparent construction process.
    •  SMEs from the electric water mobility sector will be provided with an advice on the product development, in order to match the demand from the international market;
    • The companies will be offered opportunities to participate in trainings and seminars, dedicated to state-of-the-art in marine electric propulsion systems, standards, certification for the products as well as funding opportunities;
    • Project assumes conducting the transparent construction process of the new electric boat or conversion of an existing boat into an electric boat. Materials documenting construction process will be available at the project website.
  • Development of business directory on the suppliers of products and services for the electric water mobility sector, organization of business events facilitating B2B matchmaking (including, meetings);
    • Business directory presents location and websites of the companies, divided into categories, depending on the profile of the conducted activities. The map will facilitate easier B2B contacts and cooperation.
  • Assistance at promoting products and services at foreign sales markets and actions stimulating development of the internal market within the South Baltic Area (e.g. feasibility studies, dialog events with buyers, study visits)
    • Companies will be offered opportunities to be promoted at international fairs and exhibitions of the electric boats and ships. Study visits to manufacturers of the boats, electric drives, municipalities operating electric boats as the element of public transport aim to facilitate establishing business cooperation as well as learning from best available experience.

Project consortium consists of the partners from Germany, Poland and Lithuania, representing regional development agencies, scientific institutions, branch associations of the yacht technology suppliers, owners of the historical ships as well as electric boat producers.


The project is co-financed by the  INTERREG South Baltic Programme

Project total budget: 1 814 270 €

South Baltic Programme support: 1 542 129 €

Project implementation period: 17.08.2017 – 16.08.2021